Polarized Racing Swimming Goggles for Women Men Youth



The 13000 is a new goggle from Findway which is designed for training and racing, so it’s great when you want to get used to a goggle and use it on race day if you want to. They are a simple looking goggle which come with a Smoke, Clear and Mirrored lens depending on your preference.

Their low profile design makes these an excellent racing goggle whilst still offering fantastic comfort which most racing goggles fail to do. The soft silicone gaskets hug the face gently whilst still offering an incredible seal which also makes these a great choice for long training sessions.

Curved Lens and exceptional hydrodynamics design will Reduce 30% water-flow resistance,giving swimmers a competitive edge.

You also still get the 180 degree wide peripheral vision, so you get excellent field of vision during your swim and they have dual silicone band to ensure the goggles sit in the correct position.

The most noticeable thing about these goggles is how lightweight they are, this with the soft gaskets and frame make them really comfortable with minimal pressure on the face.
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